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Tally.ERP Release 5.0 Releasing 31/07/2015 

what to Expect from Tally.ERP9 Release 5.0

Kindly find below exciting New update from Tally - launch date - 31st July, 2015.


A lot of customers have been eagerly anticipating the release of Tally’s latest offering. Take a sneak peek into the powerful features that will be a part of Tally.ERP 9 Release 5.0. Without further ado, here goes:

a. Simplified Taxation

Taxation as a subject is complex. However, for most businesses, only a handful of taxes apply. Maybe only VAT and TDS apply to you. Or maybe Service Tax and TDS. And there are fixed tax rates or brackets for your type of business. Then why is it so complicated? Why do we still prefer that our Chartered Accountant or Auditor handle it for us?

With Release 5.0, we are demystifying ALL TAXES! No longer will taxes be complicated or cumbersome. Mind you, it’s always good to have an auditor go through your books, but wouldn’t it be great if instead of scrambling 2 days before deadline, you have ‘Peace of Mind’ any day of the month or year about the accuracy of your books vs the returns that you filed? That is the big promise that Release 5.0 brings.



b. On-demand Synchronisation

Tally has always provided the facility for syncing multiple locations, but with this release we have supercharged your Sync ability. No longer will you have to ensure that Tally is running on both locations when you sync. You simply continue doing your data entries. Whenever the other location comes online, Tally will automatically sync!

Also, ALL MASTERS will be synced. Any edits, deletes or changes will reflect in all your locations seamlessly!

c. Capsulization

We all face the issue of updating Tally and suddenly our internet connection vanishes. We end up having to re-download the entire update all over again. That is a headache that we can do without. And with Release 5.0, that is exactly what we provide you! Updates will be smart, quick and small.

How you ask? If you only use Tally for accounting (hopefully not!), then updates will only reflect the accounting part. If you are in Maharashtra and there is a Stat update for Rajasthan, you won’t have to update. Why should you, when it doesn’t impact your business?

With Tally.ERP9 Rel. 5.0, you have the ability to stay up-to-date with only the parts that are relevant to you!

d. Speed Optimizations

Tally has re-written and debugged a lot of code to ensure that we provide the same amazing user experience that you were used to when using Tally 4.5. This new release means no more twiddling your thumbs while Tally loads!

e. Post-Dated Cheque Management

It is very hard to manage all the PDC’s that our businesses handle currently. Many of you spend 30 minutes every morning going through a big bunch of cheques to ensure that you are up-to-date on your collections and entries in Tally. With Tally.ERP Rel 5.0, we have made it extremely easy to manage your PDC’s. We guarantee that your mornings will have atleast 20 more minutes thanks to Tally’s legendary ‘Simplicity’!

This new release also has over 2000 rectifications, corrections and enhancements. This shows our commitment towards customer feedback and quickly implementing the feedback into product features. We hope you are as excited about Tally.ERP 9 Release 5.0 as we are. We truly believe that we are going to (yet again!) revolutionise the way Indian SME’s conduct business. At the same time, we believe that by simplifying taxes, we will add to India’s overall tax collection and compliance.


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Posted by Pankaj Dedhia 30-Jul-2015
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